How to Connect Canon Printer to WiFi?

Printers are extremely helpful and important in everyone’s daily life chores. Canon printers offer great print quality. Having a wireless canon printer is a bliss; no need to worry about unarranged wires and USBs, just connect your printer through Wi-Fi and enjoy seamless experience. Follow this guide to connect your wireless printer to the laptop with ease –

Before you begin the connection,the process makes sure your laptop, printer and router are in perfect working condition. First, you need to do the hardware setup which includes unboxing your wireless printer and setting it up in your workspace physically.

Once you have made the hardware setup, you need to connect your wireless printer to your network to ensure a flawless experience. Then you will have to install the printer’s driver in your laptop and then comes the final connection process. Let’s look at all these one by one –

Connecting printer to network –

Once your printer is ON, go to its control panel and locate for the wireless button. Press and hold the button until the lamp blinks.

Within two minutes of the previous step, go to your router and press and hold the WPS button. You will notice that power and wireless lamp on your printer will start blinking continuously, which means that the printer is trying to establish a connection.

Once it is connected to the network the blinking will stop and become stable. Your printer is successfully connected to the network.

Installing driver on your Laptop/PC –

Insert installation disk in your laptop’s disk drive . Click on “Run” from the “Auto-Play” window.

Select the “language” in the installation window and click “next”.

In the next window, you are required to installthe .NET Framework. Install it.

Choose your country/region in the next window and click “next”. Read the “License Agreement” in the next window and click “Yes” to confirm.

In the next window, it will ask you to install some important software, install them for a better experience.

Once you reach to “set up a network”, enter your router’s password to connect your printer to the network. Meanwhile, your internet connection will be disabled temporarily.

In the final step click on “Complete” to exit the installation wizard. Your printer’s driver has been installed on your laptop successfully.

Adding a printer to your Windows –

Click on the Windows icon on the desktop to reach the start menu.

Go to “Control Panel”, then click on “Hardware and Sound”, navigate and click on “Devices and Printers”. Then click on “Add Printer”.

Here you need to select your canon wireless printer. Click on “Next”.

Your printer is successfully connected to your laptop now. You can run a trial print to test your printer.

Adding a printer to your MacBook –

Click on the “Apple” icon on your desktop.

Go to “System Preferences”, then click on “Printers and Scanners”, then go to “Preferences”.

Now click on the “Plus (+)” sign to add printer.

In the next window click on the “Add Printer” or “Plus (+)” sign.

Now from the list of available printers select your canon wireless printer and click on “select printer software”. Your printer will be successfully connected to your MacBook. You can run a trial print to test your printer.

Following the steps mentioned above, you can easily connect your printer to your laptop (Windows and Mac). If you encounter any problem, check for the steps again and follow each one by one carefully.